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Kind Words from a Souper Awesome Customer!

“I am excited that the rest of the country will be able to taste Da Kind Soups!”  - Carressa Edwards, Da Kind Soups Customer

Carressa Edwards lived in Evergreen, CO for just three months - but that was long enough for her to become a lifelong fan of Da Kind Soups.

We were lucky enough to meet the fabulous Carressa and her husband when they moved to Colorado in 2013. Carressa is a vegetarian, her husband is not. They discovered that our made-from-scratch soups were the perfect solution for their mealtime dilemma!

Carressa is a big fan of the corn chowder and vegetable chili, while her husband likes to dig into our meatier varieties.

“My husband loves the ham and bean soup. Some people may not think soup can be very hearty, but Dustin's soups are thick and meaty and full of vegetables and flavor!”

In December of 2013, Carressa was diagnosed with colon cancer. She and her husband decided to move back to her home state of Oklahoma to be closer to family during her treatment and recovery.

Before heading back home for treatment, we helped Carressa load up on as much Da Kind as she could carry! She packed the trunk of her car with her favorite soups on ice and headed home.

But, we missed our friend, and wanted to help her while she was going through the awful side effects of chemo. We did that the best way we know how - by sending love and comfort in the form of made-with-love soup.

“Ariane and Dustin made sure I had their soup while I was going through my treatment. They knew corn chowder was my favorite, so they shipped it to me in Oklahoma! During my bad weeks I was super sensitive to smells and food. Da Kind Corn Chowder was the only thing I could eat during those weeks. That soup saved me.”

CaressaWhile Carressa was far away and fighting, we were honored to be able to help in some small way by sending her our soups. And we are unbelievably thankful that her treatment was successful, and she is now cancer-free!

Sending soups to one friend a few years ago was possible because it was on a small scale and in the form of a care package.

Now it’s 2017, and the time for all soup lovers to be able to ship delicious, nutritious Da Kind soups to family, friends, and loved ones (including yourself!) has finally arrived. Our kitchen is being upgraded so we can focus on sharing Da Kind soups with the whole country!

The ultimate comfort food will be available via our Fresh Boil Bag Soups shipped to Soup Lovers coast to coast!

Caressa, still in far-off Oklahoma, is thrilled that she will soon be able to have our soups arriving at her door once again, anytime she wants.

“I am so excited for Da Kind to start shipping soups. There is not a day that goes by that I don't want their soups. I want fresh ingredients! I want the variety!”

We miss seeing Carressa almost daily but are happy that she is able to remain a part of our soup family!

“I’ve tried to replicate Da Kind Soups by making soup at home, and I’ve tried other restaurants  - nothing compares!”  

Carressa, we think you are pretty Souper too! We can’t wait to ship you our fresh bagged soups so you can have corn chowder anytime the craving strikes!

Learn more about how to order our fresh soups to be delivered right to you door! Ship Soup

Since her recovery, Carressa is doing outstanding work with pediatric cancer patients in Oklahoma. Follow her fantastic Facebook page, Okie Elsa, to learn more!

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