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Make Meals Easy Without Compromising on Quality and Taste!
You want to make the right choices and feed yourself and your loved ones well. It's not easy when schedules are packed and time is tight. Not having enough time for meal preparation is often one of the things that cause busy people to make not-so-good choices. Like ordering fast food or buying something prepared, but full of questionable ingredients, from the store. Wouldn’t it be great if you could put a meal on the table quickly and feel good about it at the same time? How do you make meal planning easy but also healthy? By choosing freshly prepared, hand-crafted soups from Da Kind! We make choosing a healthy, flavorful dinner almost effortless. Slow Cooked Food That Takes Minutes to Prepare Chef Dustin is extraordinarily good at making soups. He is a true soup-master, having created nearly 3000 soups in our nine years in business. Soups like Pork Green Chili, Potato Garlic, Split Pea Chicken, and fan-favorite Tomato (you really haven’t experienced Tomato soup until you’ve tried Dustin’s). Why don’t you let him cook for you?  If you’re dedicated to eating well, and you want to do the same for your family, Da Kind soups will check off all of those criteria you consider important:

Fresh Ingredients? Check!
High Safety Standards? Check!
Delicious, wholesome, and flavorful? Check!
Organic and locally sourced when possible? Check!
Vegan and Gluten-Free Options? Check!
Cooked with Passion and Integrity? Check, check!

Can you heat up a pot of water? Then you can eat well! Our Boil-in-Bag soups require only that you boil a pot of water and then gently place a bag of one of our fresh (never frozen) soups into that water until it has reached your desired temperature. Serve it up, add a salad and maybe some bread from the bakery and you are done!  Great food, ready for you when you’re ready for great food. Now you can check off that meal preparation box on your never ending to-do list and know that it isn’t by making a poor choice. We do the cooking so you can get to the important part of dinner - Connecting, relaxing, and enjoying. You may be moved to call it life-changing. We just call it Soup.

Life changing Soup. Served daily at Da Kind



Could I find out about the sodium content of your soups? Thank you.

Mar 30, 2017

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