You Can’t Fake A Good Soup

Why do we make Soup? We've all heard of Chicken Soup for the Soul. It’s a popular phrase because soup is good comfort and warm kindness in a bowl that feeds the belly as well as the soul. Making good soup is also an art form. One that we love. Everyone should experience the soup of a great chef - so we created Da Kind Soups, where Dustin can craft amazing, delicious, and wholesome soups, making it easy for you to serve up at home or gift to someone you love.

Soups and Sauces are a fundamental part of cooking. Choosing to eat a good soup means choosing to eat the best of someone’s cooking. A respectable soup chef knows how to combine flavors in the pot making everything come in to balance.  It takes fresh ingredients, but it also takes devotion, patience, and a lot of hard work. Dustin’s soup is so uniquely incredible because of his experience: years spent learning how to elicit the true flavors of ingredients and layer them together in arrangements that excite the appetite. He knows how to do soup right and we want to share his expertise with you!

What makes a great soup according to Dustin? Fresh, quality, ingredients, cooked in small batches, with plenty of time to extract the flavors in the ingredients, containing no preservatives with the right amount of seasonings, even unique salts and fine peppers.

Not everyone can make a great soup. That’s fine! Not everyone can sing, either.  You don’t have to make great soup to eat great soup.  But you CAN be a Souper Star in your own home and serve up amazing soup made by a talented chef and know that you are going to get all of the benefits of a home cooked meal - Flavor! Texture! Fresh and Organic Ingredients! All without having to do any of the work yourself. How delightful!

Life is too short to eat food that isn’t good! On the flip side, it feels great to eat good and good-for-you food and it feels even better to provide it to the ones you love.

Don’t go out to eat, take Da Kind home with you tonight, and let us do the cooking for you. Just check that box off as “done” and stop in or call in to pick-up your order of our lovingly hand-crafted soups, you’ll be souper glad you did.

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