The Spicy Chili Collection

The Chili Collection is a diverse demonstration of our cultural landscape.  Touching on flavors from regions near and far, and reflecting the cultures that bring heat to the table, go on a journey of the spicy senses with Dustin's incredible selections from around the globe. 

For practical matters, we have included any and all of our soups that have even the slightest whiff of heat to avoid any surprises for those with softer palates.  These soups are rated on our Chef's scale of 1 to 10, using 1 as the mmost mild and 10 being the spiciest.  

Some examples:
Curry Soups: Cauliflower Yellow Curry- 2/10 or Curried Dahl - 3/10
Soup Best-Selling Beef Chili 5/10 - a solid benchmark to compare others
Both Chicken Chili 7/10 and Pork Green Chili - 7/10 - both spicy with different types of flavor
Viscious Chicken 10/10.  Yes, it is spicy. Very. Hence the 10/10.

   Please note the   # / 10   prior to ordering. Also, do not hesitate to call us at 303-674-SOUP for a more detailed in-person description of how we personally feel about each and every spicy soup. Disclaimer: descriptions may vary slightly depending on who answers the phone when you call.