Beef Chili

For ten years straight, Beef Chili has been the most popular Chili for all Da Kind Soup Lovers and will become a sure favorite for any newcomers on the Hot Soup Scene!This hearty red Chili is made with lean ground beef, pinto and kidney beans, tomatoes and the Chef's signature blend of chilies, peppers and spices galore!


Souper Hot Tip!
This Beef Chili is the one WITH BEANS.  The Meat Chili is the one with no beans. One way to remember the distinction is looking for the letter "B" in the names.
Beef Chili has Beans. Yes B's, Yes Beans.
Meat Chili - no B's, no Beans. 

INGREDIENTS:  Extra lean ground beef, Colorado pinto beans, red kidney beans, fresh onions, diced green chiles, crushed tomatoes (vine-ripened tomatoes, citric acid), diced tomatoes (fresh tomatoes, calcium chloride), chopped jalapeños, Mexican oregano, crushed red pepper flakes, smoked jalapeños (chipotle Morita), chili powder (crushed red chilies, salt, garlic), ground cumin, organic evaporated cane juice, kosher salt, Tellecherry pepper.