Natural Grocers Soups

Dustin and I opened Da Kind Soups in March 2008 amidst the Global Financial Crisis and now we are leaving our "work home" of 12 years amidst a Global Health Pandemic, as we prepare to move down to a bigger production facility in Denver where we will continue to make soups for grocery stores. 
It has been our pleasure and honor to serve our hometown as Dustin and Ariane spreading KINDness with SOUPS.   Thank you for the years of Soupport and Kindness you have shown us in return.  

We're so thankful that our business is considered essential and that we are allowed to be open.  We've been working around the clock to stock the shelves at Natural Grocers across Colorado focusing on our hometown stores more than ever. 

Please let us know how we can best continue this souperb relationship and stay connected with us into our Grocery Grow Up phase through emails, Facebook and Instagram.  As soon as the world gets healthy again, we'll be Soup Sampling in the grocery stores and can't wait to see you spoon.
Da Kind Soups is available at 21 Natural Grocers Stores across the Denver Metro area!   We are still cooking soup every day in order to stock the grocery shelves as much as possible. 
Click here to find the store near you!

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