Ariane is a customer service SOUPer Star with over 20 years of experience in the foodservice industry, including expertise in community relations, marketing, and promotion. Her dedication to making people happy and providing guests with an exceptional customer experience has been the key to her success throughout her career. As Owner and President of Da Kind Soups, Ariane continually leverages her marketing and buyer experience, creative ideas, negotiating skills, and deep connection to her customer base to promote and grow the business.


Unofficial Title: Ambassador of Kindness  





1. What is your favorite soup and why? 
Artichoke Lentil - Nine years ago right before we opened the restaurant I was crying in the office, feeling really scared about the future; when Dustin brought me a bowl of Artichoke Lentil from the kitchen.  I knew everything was going to be fine and it is.

2. What is your best Souper Star quality at Da Kind Soups?
Making people feel special.

3. Who is your favorite boss? Ariane or Dustin?
Dustin. He’s so Boss and he doesn’t even know it. 

4. What is your original hometown and what do you like best about Evergreen? 
Chicago, Illinois ~ GO CUBS!!  I have two hometowns because we moved to Evergreen when I was three and I love that I have forest for miles right next to my house. 

5. Everyone knows that your favorite thing in the world is… 
Cats. They’re purr-fect.

6. List the top three things you do when you're not at work and how often you do them.
Sewing - 25%, Play with my cats Drake and Delores - 50%, Do laundry - 25%, 0% chance of me cooking

7. What is the best part about working at Da Kind Soups?
Serving customers is truly delightful for me and I am proud to serve Dustin’s soup because it’s a quality product that makes people feel really good. 

8. NOT everyone knows that you…
I think I could've been a professional singer but I'm scared to sing in front of people.

9. What is your 15 minutes claim to fame?
I was a guest host appearing on QVC selling Olympic merchandise for both the Winter and Summer Games. AND, I won a comedy contest with 103.5 The Fox and the prize was a fully paid trip to California to meet a bunch of famous comedians and movie stars. AND...I have a really popular soup restaurant, maybe you've heard of it? 

10. What do you wish you were better at?
Being on time. 

11. When it comes to parallel parking, I crush it every time because I am an amazingly skilled driver. 

12. Second in line only to soup, my next favorite food is:
Pasta and gummy candies.

13. If I wasn’t working at Da Kind Soups, my dream job is:
To be a flight attendant. 26 years ago I was heading to FA school when I met Dustin.  And now we have a soup restaurant in the old 7-11 building where we hung out at as kids. Life is weird. 

14. Before I became a Da Kind Souper Star I was…
Activity Director at a retirement community and a buyer for a large apparel company. 

15. I’m a total dork because…
I embarrass my two teenage boys without even trying or realizing when I do. It's awesome.