After over two years with us at Da Kind, Emma is scheduled to graduate college in 2017. However, she’s already earned her degree in Awesome with us! Through hard work, dedication, and attention to detail, Emma’s souper sense of humor and commitment have made all of us happy to have her on Team Da Kind. 









1. What is your favorite soup and why? 
Jalapeño because it’s spicy.

2. What is your best Souper Star quality at Da Kind Soups?
Remembering people’s names.

3. Who is your favorite boss? Ariane or Dustin?
Both of them because they are so nice. 

4. What is your original hometown and what do you like best about Evergreen? 
Guilin, China  - I love the outdoors.

5. Everyone knows that your favorite thing in the world is… 
Starbucks, Anime, comic books and hanging out with my friends. 

6. List the top three things you do when you're not at work and how often you do them.
School = 50%, Reading = 30%, Computer time = 20%

7. What is the best part about working at Da Kind Soups?
Seeing lots of people and my co-workers. 

8. NOT everyone knows this about you ... I’m graduating college this year!

9. What is your 15 minutes claim to fame?
When I was on TV.

10. What do you wish you were better at?
Calming down after a balloon pops.

11. When it comes to remembering things, I crush it every time because my memory is great and i can remember details from years past.

12. Second in line only to soup, my next favorite food is:
Pasta is my second favorite food to soup.

13. If I wasn’t working at Da Kind Soups, my dream job is:

14. Before I became a Da Kind Souper Star I was…
A student.

15. I’m a total dork when it comes to ... making people laugh.