Q: What is happening at Da Kind Soups?

A: Da Kind Soups is transitioning our business model from a sit-down restaurant to a high-energy, custom kitchen handcrafting small batch soups for restaurants, foodservice operators, select grocery retailers, and online ordering. We will provide the same high quality, delicious soups that everyone has come to enjoy, on a broader scale and for a wider audience.
The sit-down portion of the business will be renovated in order to make room for our expanded line of Soup in Bag offerings available in-store, other retail outlets, restaurants, and online!

Q: Why is Da Kind making this decision?

A: For years we have been asked if we ship our soups, or if our soups are available outside of Evergreen, Colorado. We are excited to evolve the business and take this next step to get our healthy and delicious soups in more homes (and bellies!) all over the country.
In order to provide our refrigerated soups at scale for restaurants and online delivery, we are renovating to expand our kitchen area, and keeping the business open as a convenient Soup in a Bag pick up location.

Q: What is Boil Bag Soup?

We carefully designed our Boil Bag Soup to deliver an ever-expanding variety of our fresh (NEVER frozen), healthy soups for convenient reheating at home, in dorm rooms, while camping, or anywhere you can boil water! It is the easiest way to get Chef Dustin’s healthy and nutritious recipes made fresh for you or delivered to someone you love. With our Bag Bag Soups, all you have to do is place the bag in a pot of hot water to heat. When the soup is ready, pour into a bowl and enjoy!

Q: Where can I get Da Kind Soups?

We are selling our Da Kind Soups in our retail location in Evergreen, and on our website for delivery.

We are in the process of identifying other retail outlets and restaurants that will also carry Da Kind Soups.
Know someone who should carry Da Kind? Tell your grocery manager or favorite restaurant, or have them contact us!

Q: Will Da Kind still have retail hours?

We will sell our Boil Bag Soups to pick up at our current location, but the sit-down section will be transformed into a larger kitchen, so there will be no food service or tables.

Q: Will Da Kind have retail Hours?
Yes! We will be publishing our new retail Storefront hours upon our re-launch in May 2017.

Will Da Kind serve sandwiches/salads?
Your favorite salads and sandwiches will continue to be served as usual through March 31. When we reopen in May 2017, we are giving all of our love and attention to our principal product, Soup!