As the former owner of her own small vegan catering business specializing in raw food, Hallie is no stranger to cooking, catering, and customer service. Add in a background in elementary education, and you’ve created an amazing kitchen manager who knows both healthy food and how to handle a challenge!






Unofficial Title: Vegan Goddess


1. What is your favorite soup and why? 
Vegetable Chili - because it’s packed with protein, not too spicy and VEGAN!

2. What is your best Souper Star quality at Da Kind Soups?
My cheerful attitude, a sense of urgency and I’m not afraid of hard work. Bring it!

3. Who is your favorite boss? Ariane or Dustin?
Neither one.

4. What is your original hometown and what do you like best about Evergreen? 
Elburn, Illinois and the scenery.

5. Everyone knows that your favorite thing in the world is… 
Elephants and Dancing - although dancing elephants would be awesome!

6. List the top three things you do when you're not at work and how often you do them.
Enjoy Live Music & Dance - 70%, Play Pool & Dance - 15%, Cook & Dance - 15%

7. What is the best part about working at Da Kind Soups?
Working with Dustin and Ariane, learning so much everyday and honestly feeling like a family here together and with our customers. 

8. NOT everyone knows that you…
I was a ballerina for 15 years and a teacher too!

9. What is your 15 minutes claim to fame?
I haven’t had mine yet - it’s coming though!

10. What do you wish you were better at?
Organization and Confrontation.

11. When it comes to multi-tasking and having a sense of urgency at work, I crush it every time because I love the rush of being busy at work where integrity is insanely important. 

12. Second in line only to soup, my next favorite food is:
Pasta, Pickles, Bread and Catsup.

13. If I wasn’t working at Da Kind Soups, my dream job is:
Have my own raw vegan food truck and employ special needs adults so I can mentor and teach others about cooking and travel!

14. Before I became a Da Kind Souper Star I was…
Special Education teacher, Barista, Cook, and still am a jewelry designer!

15. I’m a total dork because… I can do the worm, am double jointed and tell really bad jokes.