Evergreen, Colorado- Souper calafragalisticexpeala delicious! Oh man! These soups, sandwiches, and salads are stellar. They're on point with fresh ingredients, creative combinations, and fantastic flavor.

Upon first look you might think, "gee, is this an old gas station?" And ya it probably was but take a step inside and you'll be on surprise overload. The clean, modern, and brightly colored interior with ladles hung along the wall will bring a smile to your face as you realize you've made the right decision. Oh ya. Onward.

As you wait in line peruse the small local area where jams, jellies, spreads, and salsas are on display and for sale.  Localism. I dig it. You'll also find a fridge of soups in a bag which obviously you'll want to come back to.

Check the continually changing menu for ideas and sample any soup. In fact, make a sample cup conga line with every flavor if you're really feeling like a souper adventurer. 

Make your selections (and you'll probably find it hard to narrow it down so this is when you go back to the fridge for an add-on to enjoy later at home), score a seat, and enjoy. 

My faves are the tomato and the portobello. You can't go wrong with the spinach salad with hearts of palm as a side. Next up, I'm trying the red pepper tomato.

Da kind is kind to my tastebuds.” -Jay 


I've seen so many positive comments that when I was in town I decided to get dinner to go. I couldn't decide with one--- so I selected two!! Both were very good!! Staff was friendly and I was somewhat surprised when I offered a tip that they wouldn't accept it. That was a first. I will be back!!!!!” -Tammy


Where do I begin? This place is unparalleled in so many ways that I find it difficult to pick a specific topic in which to begin my review. Well, here goes! A friend and I had just finished a long hike and were looking for a hearty and nourishing meal to follow up with. After a quick reconnaissance mission on Yelp we decided to hit up Da Kind. And boy, what a solid pick this place was! 

I absolutely can not stop raving about this place; it excels in literally every possible manner, shape, and form. My friend and I walked in and were instantly greeted with the alluring aromas of fresh herbs, cheeses, and hearty creations that reminded me of some of my favorite food shops back in New York. After waiting in a short line, we met what appeared the be the owner of this stellar establishment. She was incredibly on-top of her game. We were immediately offered a flight of soup samples in all directions; from black-bean chili to creamy mushroom/spinach and carrot/potato and everything in between. The possibilities were mind-bogglingly enticing. I settled on a half cheddar/mozzarella grilled cheese to dunk in my creamy mushroom and spinach soup.

The quality of the soups and sandwich offerings--they also have salads, but I did not indulge during this visit--was exhilarating. It was quite obvious that a mastery of craft and passion for trade were being executed here at Da Kind. The complexity of flavors in my soup was enticing and exciting. Flavor was pungently mastered; I was unaware that a soup could have so much character! 

Finally, the owner and her two employees were incredibly knowledgeable, outstandingly friendly, and fantastically charming. My entire visit here was an absolute treat. So much love for this place; I will definitely be returning and recommend this place to everyone and anyone!” -Anon


Simple but excellent. Counter service where you build your own meal. Choose a sandwich, add a soup and you're done. A couple of salad options are also offered. Once done take your soup to your table and get your mind blown by one of their homemade soups while you wait for your almost as good as the soup sandwich.” -Jay


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