I had the tomato soup and it is my favorite. I would also highly recommend this Da Kind staple. I loved the service that Da Kind has to offer. Everyone is super friendly and tend to your needs very nicely. If you are in the Evergreen area and are looking for a nice meal any day of the week, I am very sure you will love this restaurant, as there is a ton of variety.” -Marie 

We opened Da Kind's brick and mortar restaurant on March 1, 2008. With our unique concept and menu offerings, the focus was primarily soups hand-crafted from scratch, along with other made in-house menu items: salads and sandwiches, providing healthy, convenient, quality homemade meals.

Over the course of nine years, Da Kind Soups has become a highly respected business in our mountain community that is well known for consistently delicious and innovative food, excellent customer service, and community involvement. To date, we have delivered those soups to residents and visitors of Evergreen, Colorado.

Beginning in the Spring of 2017, we are going to make our amazing soups available to soup lovers and their friends and family throughout the United States.

Our fast casual restaurant is evolving into a large kitchen with a team focused solely on the production of fantastic soups that heal through healthy ingredients and the kindness that soup naturally imbues.

Our soups will be available for purchase both in our Evergreen storefront and online. Fresh, homemade, organic, and delicious soups can be quickly ordered and delivered for family and friends throughout the US.

Join us as we embark on this exciting chapter of sharing the Da Kind flavor of kindness to all who need it.