Rico brings years of experience as a general manager to Da Kind, along with a demonstrated history in the staffing and recruiting industry. Skilled in catering, budgeting, food & beverage, customer service, and sales, Rico is a problem solver behind the scenes, and a customer favorite at the front of the house! 

Unofficial Title: Kindness Quarterback

1. What is your favorite soup and why? 
Pork Green Chili - the heat and the flavor 

2. What is your best Souper Star quality at Da Kind Soups?
I’m a restaurant guy, and work hard in keeping this one running like a smooth machine. I pick up where Ariane leaves off cause I got her back.  

3. Who is your favorite boss? Ariane or Dustin?
Nope, I'm not gonna answer that (even if it is Ariane).

4. What is your original hometown and what do you like best about Evergreen? 
Houston, Texas and I love the Colorado scenery.

5. Everyone knows that your favorite thing in the world is… 

6. List the top three things you do when you're not at work and how often you do them.
Workout - 20%, Sleep - 20%, Eat - 60%.

7. What is the best part about working at Da Kind Soups?
The soup, duh.

8. NOT everyone knows that you…
I sing in the shower.

9. What is your 15 minutes claim to fame?
In seventh grade I met the Governor of Colorado.

10. What do you wish you were better at?
Saying no.

11. When it comes to Broncos gear I crush it every time because I own more hats than anyone I know.

12. Second in line only to soup, my next favorite food is:

13. If I wasn’t working at Da Kind Soups, my dream job is:
Owner of a small bar & restaurant on a tropical island.

14. Before I became a Da Kind Souper Star I was…
General Manager of another restaurant and bar.

15. I’m a total dork because… I’m really good at math in my head