Chef Dustin is an uncompromising and ardent champion of nutritious, healthy food made with high-quality ingredients.

A restaurant and hospitality industry pro with over 30 years experience in food safety, service, production, and menu development, Chef Dustin has cultivated his respect for (and love of) food over a lifetime of on-the-job training.

As the sole chef of Da Kind Soups, Dustin has developed and executed over 2500 creative, delicious, and exceptional original soup recipes.

In addition, Dustin is a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) expert, and an FDA- approved innovator in food production procedure and execution.

Unofficial Title: Soup All-Star

1. What is your favorite soup and why? 
Tomato - because of it’s simple nature

2. What is your best Souper Star quality at Da Kind Soups?
Blending of fantastic flavors.

3. Who is your favorite boss? Ariane or Dustin?
Ariane. She is the boss and she’s definitely my favorite. 

4. What is your original hometown and what do you like best about Evergreen? 
Boulder, CO - I like the proximity to the mountains and to Denver both. 

5. Everyone knows that your favorite thing in the world is… 

6. List the top three things you do when you're not at work and how often you do them.
Work outside on my land, ski and sleep - I wish skiing was at the top of my list.

7. What is the best part about working at Da Kind Soups?
I own it.

8. NOT everyone knows that you…
I lived “mountain-style” while growing up on the Western Slope. No indoor plumbing, used a generator for electricity, no phone, etc.  

9. What is your 15 minutes claim to fame?
It’s coming...

10. What do you wish you were better at?
Communicating. Everything sounds so much better in my head than when it comes out of my mouth. 

11. When it comes to cooking I crush it every time because I love what I do. 

12. Second in line only to soup, my next favorite food is:
Good barbecue, fresh seafood, and frosted cookies. 

13. If I wasn’t working at Da Kind Soups, my dream job is: Not working; retire early!

14. Before I became a Da Kind Souper Star I was…
Working in other kitchens for other people. 

15. I’m a total dork because… I love disco almost as much as I love heavy meta