Chicken Noodle Soup

This soup is available exclusively In-Store at our Evergreen Souper Store located on Meadow Drive open Monday-Saturday 11a - 5p Stop by or give us a call at 303-674-SOUP!.

The nation's go-to Gold Standard for Comfort Soup.
Sniffles or not, Chicken Noodle is a welcome meal in any home. 
This hand crafted favorite features Dustin's homemade Chicken Stocka cornerstone of his cooking. Enjoy the hearty balance of white meat chicken, fresh cut carrots and loads of noodles mixed in with just the right amount of thyme. A little extra time, patience and kindness shine brightly in this original
make-you-feel-souper-good soup.  


INGREDIENTS: Da Kind Soups Chicken Stock, diced chicken breast, fresh onion, fresh carrots, fresh celery, egg noodles (durum flour, semolina, water, dried whole eggs, wheat starch), garlic, French Thyme, kosher salt, canola oil, Tellicherry pepper, California bay leaf.