LIS's Cowboy Stew
LIS's Cowboy Stew LIS's Cowboy Stew

This soup was created in honor of and with the recipe from my dear Grandma,
Lois Iona Shields (L.I.S). 
A small town Nebraska native, Grandma Lois lived a full life in her 103 years on the farm, working hard and cooking up classic home-made meals. Her down-home influence on my cooking over the years showed me how to use what you've got and keeping it simple, stays true to the food. 
This soup, sometimes called Campfire Stew, brings a hearty meal together with a rich beef stock, ground Angus beef, big pieces of potatoes and loads of garden favorite vegetables.  


INGREDIENTS: Da Kind Soups Beef Stock, lean ground Angus beef, fresh onion, fresh celery, fresh carrots, yellow corn (fresh corn, sea salt), petite diced tomato (vineripened tomato, calcium chloride), fresh red potatoes, green peas, fresh broccoli, raw garlic, canola oil, rice flour, kosher salt, Mexican oregano, Tellecherry pepper, California bay leaf