Dustin's sage-rubbed, oven-roasted turkey
Dustin's sage-rubbed, oven-roasted turkey Stock pots and stovetop turkey fond Reducing the turkey drippings and fond on the stovetop
Dustin's sage-rubbed, oven-roasted juicy turkey makes the perfect pan drippings and fond which he returns to the stove top to deglaze and reduce; delving even further into the flavor layers making this spectacular gravy a worthy companion you can feel proud to serve along with your Thanksgiving feast.  
Gravies are available exclusively in quart size bags, with our suggested serving of six people per quart. This is a completely random number, for some people it might be two servings Gravy consumption is a highly individual matter dependent on many Thanksgiving and food variants to factor in.  We can only suggest you try not to run out, and if you have extra, just stock up the freezer for later in the year!


INGREDIENTS: Da Kind Turkey Stock, fresh onion, corn starch, canola oil, Sarawak pepper.